As an older driver I needed an instructor who was patient, considerate and kind. Ivor not only provided reassurance when I needed it but had confidence in my ability when I did not.
Our conversations often looked like this-
‘I think I can do it…’
‘Yes, you can!’
‘I don’t think I can do it…’
‘Yes, you can!!’
I recommend True Blue Driving School to anyone young or old who needs help getting on the road, keeping on the road or getting back on the road.
Thanks Ivor! Donna K, Padstow
Thanks Ivor! Passed first go thanks to him. Isabella K, Picnic Point
Fully sick got 100% passed first go. Ivor is the best driving instructor for sure. 10/10 would go again.Chris K, Barden Ridge
Ivor is awesome, listen to everything he has to say and he will get you to pass!
Thank you Ivor!Mitch W, Menai
“I was taught how to drive by True Blue Driving School 11 years ago. My Instructor was very patient with me… even when I mounted a roundabout and was heading straight for a light post!!! I have never been in an accident or had a traffic violation. True Blue Driving School taught me how to be a safe and defensive driver.”Mrs. Sullivan, Hoxton Park
“As a new immigrant, I went to True Blue Driving School to convert to an Australian licence. The service was excellent and my instructor was very tolerant and easy to understand.”Mike, Heckenberg
“I went to True Blue Driving School in order to meet the RTA requirements for becoming a driving instructor myself. I was taught how to effectively teach others how to drive and also how to maintain the necessary information databases for a driving school. I found True Blue Driving School and its employees honest, upfront and genuine. I’ve now been a driving instructor for five years!” Justin, East Hills
“I had gone to another driving school but I was being taught the wrong things and I felt I was being ripped off. True Blue Driving School was recommended to me and my instructor was always on time and he never short changed me…sometimes my driving lessons went over time at no additional charge. If only I had gone to True Blue from the very beginning!!!”Mrs. Berze, Lurnea
“I was with True Blue Driving School, and was extremely impressed with the standard of tuition he offered. I learned all the essential skills, both theorectical and practical and ended up passing my DART test first go.”Josephine Tesoriero, Bonnyrigg Heights
“I am currently a student of True Blue Driving School, and have noticed a great improvement in my driving ability so far, compared to when I started. His humour and good manner has also aided in the learning process, providing me with great comfort and ease.”Anthony Tesoriero, Bonnyrigg Heights
“True Blue Driving School taught me to drive from inexperienced novice to competent driver. Through my instructor’s patient diligent instruction and encouragement, I am now a capable and responsible driver. True Blue Driving School doesn’t just teach people how to pass a test, they teach people how to drive. My instructor was patient, knowledgeable and humorous – learning to drive was fun. I am happy to recommend True Blue Driving School.”Mark. W, Casula
“After just a few lessons with True Blue Driving School, I found myself much more confident behind the wheel. My instructor was friendly and encouraging, and helped me improve my driving skills dramatically. I would definitely recommend them!”Sam, Miranda
“Before I went to True Blue Driving School, I was terrified of going onto the highways, I spent months driving around quiet streets in my local area. Ivor gave me a confidence boost, making me realise everyone on the roads was not out to get me! We all want to get from A to B. The lessons with Ivor helped me a great deal. Especially when I got my P plates first go.”Carlie T.
“True Blue Driving School is great. There instructors are professional and helpful, they also make their students feel at ease whilst on the road.”Ed Good, Liverpool
“I’ve completed nine lessons with True Blue Driving School so far and am now fairly confident with my driving ability. The instructions are simple, the instructor is patient and I now feel comfortable with driving.”AR., Hoxton Park
“My daughter has been driving with True Blue Driving School for the last five months and I now feel confident with her developing skills. I can let her drive without having a heart attack!”LR. Hoxton Park