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True Blue Driving School Price List

Driving lessons start from $72.00 for a 1 hour driving lesson both Automatic and Manual cars.  I also offer packages to help you save money for driving lessons.

Category of Lesson# Cost $ Saving $ Log Book Credit (Hours)
60 Minutes 72.00 3
Standard Packages
5 hours 330.00 30.00 15
10 hours 650.00 70.00 30
Customised Packages also available on request.
Driving Test Packages
1 hour lesson + accompany to Driving Test Centre 180.00 3
Older Drivers
60 Minute Refresher Driving Lesson 72
Older Driver Assessment 85

Prices subject to change without notice.

Driving Lessons conducted after sunset will incur an additional fee of $10.00 for each hour or part thereof.

From July 2007, the RMS determined that the initial 10 hours of driver instruction with a qualified Driving Instructor, under the age of 25 years, can be credited in the Learner Driver’s Log Book on a basis of 3 hours for every 1 hour of driver training. That means that, 10 hours of driver training equates to 30 hours in the Learner Driver’s Log Book with a professional driving instructor is listed as 3 hours in student logbook. All hours after the initial 10 hours are logged in on a basis 1:1

Under this determination, the RMS stipulates that 1 hour of night time driving is to be recorded as 1 hour night driving and 2 hours daytime driving. Night time driving is considered by the RMS to be those hours between dusk and dawn.

Learner Drivers over the age of 25 years are exempt from the 120 hour Logbook requirement.

Driving Hours Reduction Schemes

1 Hour = 3 Hours Scheme

1 hour with a professional driving instructor is counted as 3 hours in the student driver logbook.

Safer Drivers Course

The RMS Safer Drivers Course is designed to allow those Learner Drivers who have completed a minimum of 50 hours actual driving experience to receive an additional 20 hours credit in their log book.